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Our mission – recognize our true potentials, live our creativity, our talents, according to our highest virtues ... What kind of world do we want to help create? A world in which all beings understand each other and sympathize with one another – in order to live the consciousness that we are all one, all connected and that together we make a Whole. In our centre, we offer You methods that work on Your vital energy, revitalise and strengthen Your body, cleanse Your mind and invigorate Your spirit ... Yoga, dance, meditation, massage, relationship counseling, creativity development, spiritual leadership, individual energetic treatments, tarot, palmistry. Therefore - take time and visit us in Surya, and ... take a deep breath, calm your mind, immerse Yourself in Your being, discover Yourself, feel the joy of Your existence, love and accept Yourself and Your life. Open up to activating and practising Your excellence.